Millennials Are Ready To Come Off The Bench

Millennials are ready to come off the bench when the Church recognizes their potential.

Guest Post By Brother Jay Martinez

Baseball Dugout
Millennials no longer bench-warmers

Although I was born in the middle of the Millennial generation, 1989, it is still hard for me to consider myself a Millennial. The reason I find it hard to accept that I am a Millennial is because I do not feel I fall into the stereotype of a Millennial. The stereotype of a Millennial is they are lazy, liberal-minded people that will never be caught without their phone, and that they are always looking for an argument to get into to prove how intelligent they are. Millennials are thought of as nonworking people that live into their late twenties staying at their parents’ homes and never admitting that they are wrong.

Even though I do not consider myself part of these stereotypes they do offend me. The reason behind this has to do with the fact that not all Millennials fall into these stereotypes. Many Millennials have become successful individuals and are continuing to accomplish goals that they have embarked on. So to think of Millennials as lazy, nonworking, know-it-all people that have nothing better to do than ruin your day, is completely wrong. However, because of these stereotypes most of the older generations view Millennials as the lost generation that cannot be reached and therefore see no reason to pursue them.

Millennials Are Willing to Step Up When The Church Invests in Them

This is a terrible way of thinking! Millennials have proven that they are good people that are willing to learn and help those in need. So, the question should not be “is it worth the effort to reach them, but rather how can we get Millennials in to the church where they can make a difference?” A high percentage of Millennials will gladly offer their time if the church is willing to invest time into them. Many Millennials are open to the idea of having a mentor or a group of individuals that they can be a part of and learn with. This is way many churches have gone away from night services and have moved towards small home bible studies that will allow different individuals to have a closer inaction with each other.

No Longer Bench-Warmers

Millennials are always looking to be the difference maker so, why not give them the opportunity at church. Allow the young generation to work within the church and let them see how the church operates from the inside. By giving the individual the opportunity to see how the inner workings of the church operate you begin to establish a foundation that can be built on.

Let us move the church away from forcing the younger generation to sit in the pews and listen, to allowing them to grow as leaders and feel that the are contributing to the church and to the Kingdom of God.

There should be no reason for looking at Millennials as the lost generation or thinking that they are a waste of time. Instead let us look at this generation as the generation that will be the difference makers, but it starts with us committing first.      

Jay Martinez