Yes, Millennials Will Disrupt Your Church

Hispanic millennials are un-churched, or not affiliated with any religious denomination.


“We can’t have kids running around the building,” a church member mentioned when the committee debated an outreach program to  Hispanic millennials and their families.  Yikes!  So let’s be intentional about inviting non-church attending Hispanic millennials and expect their children to behave like our sweet chamacos that were raised in church.  Sorry, it ain’t happening!

Take a moment ponder on the above scenario.


Good, let’s move on and ask yourself, “is the church ready for disruption?”

Let’s consider that 28 percent of Hispanic millennials are not affiliated with any religious group the Pew Research concluded.

That’s by far the largest generation that has lost any denominational designation.  This larger percentage of this group are in the 18-29 year old range and have delayed marriage but not necessarily having children.  In fact, this age range will typically have 3+ kids.

Jeff Iorg, President of Gateway Seminary, made the observation that church is being done with events and programs that don’t connect with him and he’s ok with that.  At the time of the writing Dr. Iorg was close to the age of 60.  He goes on to say that millennials need to reinvent programs that reach the same demographics.

Again,  it’s worth asking;

“Will your organization be ready for disruption?”

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